DreamStacks Podcast

Episode 3 - GraphQL supergroup!

July 25, 2020 Contentful & Algolia
DreamStacks Podcast
Episode 3 - GraphQL supergroup!
Show Notes

In this episode of DreamStacks, we have Developers from Hasura, Algolia and Contentful talk about the projects they have been making with GraphQL.  We also talk about invisible pets, games that are keeping us connected to our co-workers, tips on productivity hacking and how ridiculous we all look in VR.

Guests for this podcast:
Praveen Durairaju, Developer Advocate (Hasura)
Marion Schleifer, Developer Experience Engineer (Hasura)
Tirumarai Selvan, Product Manager (Hasura)
Vish Mehta, Community Associate (Hasura)
Stephan Schneider, JavaScript backend developer (Contentful)
Kevin Østerkilde, Software Engineer, Product (Algolia)

Amelia Winger-Bearskin, Developer Evangelist (Contentful) and Julie Reboul, Developer Marketing Manager (Algolia)